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190 Scopemeter Series II

Repair Services & Replacement Parts

Repair Services

Basic Calibration, Non-Traceable

  • Expired or voided calibration
  • Calibration notice nag message
  • Unstable or inaccurate readings
Ideally suited for engineers, mechanics, field service personnel, students, and all others who do not need the extra expense of NIST-traceable paperwork. Our basic calibration is the same as a certified cal but without traceability. We use the standards and procedures outlined by Fluke for proper, accurate calibration so we can guarantee 100% compliance to the published tolerances. Not suited for ISO-certified facilities, medical uses, or other applications that requires conformance auditing.
Calibration, Basic Non-Traceable $ 95.00  
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Channel Repair

  • Flat or unresponsive trace / no waveform
  • Inaccurate or erratic readings
  • Solid, black trace line
  • Calibration failures or errors
Inoperative channels are found most often in instruments over 5 years old that have been sitting unused for several months or more. Symptoms range from erratic readings to blank or missing trace lines. This repair is a flat-rate service based on the number of channels in need of repair and includes our basic calibration, which is required.
Channel Repair $ 345.00  
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Diagnose & Quote

  • Power issues
  • Battery charging problems
  • Dark or faint display
  • Waveform unstable
Not sure what is wrong with your instrument? Give us a brief description of the problem and we'll check it out for you. Once we determine the cause of the trouble, we will send you a quote for repairs. The evaluation fee is waived if you decide to proceed with the repair. If your instrument cannot be repaired, we will return it at no charge under our "No-Fix, No-Pay" policy (minus return shipping costs).
Problem description: 
Diagnose & Quote $ 60.00  
Your Price $ 0.00
Replacement Parts

Fluke 190 Charger Jack

  • Fits all 190-series Scopemeters
  • Genuine, original Fluke charger jack/port
A broken charger jack is a common problem on all 190-series Scopemeters. This jack is proprietary to Fluke; you will not find it at any electronic parts supplier. Most often, the rear pin breaks off due to repeated insertions of the charger plug. The jack is connected to the main PCA only by the solder joint and is not fastened in a solid manner. Thus the jack is allowed to move slightly when the plug is inserted or removed. To overcome this problem and help prevent breakage of the replacement jack, we highly recommend using a bead of hot-melt glue or another liquid adhesive between the jack and the gray input terminal assembly. This will give the jack a firm anchor so the pins do not take the full force of the plug.
190 Charger Jack $ 65.00  
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4 Available

Fluke Charger Cable

  • Fits all Scopemeter and Power Analyzer chargers
  • Genuine, original Fluke charger cable
A broken charger cable is a common problem on all Fluke Scopemeter and Power Quality Analyzer chargers. The plug end is proprietary to Fluke; you will not find it at any electronic parts supplier. Most often, the cable breaks internally near the strain relief due to normal handling and use.
Fluke Charger Cable $ 30.00  
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3 Available