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43/43B Power Quality Analyzer

Repair Services & Replacement Parts

Repair Services

Display Line Repair

  • Black or blank horizontal lines
  • Intermittent or flickering horizontal lines
  • Lifetime Guaranteed
Is your instrument's display plagued with those annoying black, missing, dark horizontal lines, making it difficult or even impossible to read accurately? We can repair your Scopemeter's LCD and restore those missing lines for a fraction of the cost of a new display. Lifetime guaranteed!
Display Line Repair $ 195.00  
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Basic Calibration, Non-Traceable

  • Expired or voided calibration
  • Calibration notice nag message
  • Unstable or inaccurate readings
Ideally suited for engineers, mechanics, field service personnel, students, and all others who do not need the extra expense of an NIST-traceable procedure. Our basic calibration is the same as a certified cal but without traceability. We use the standards and procedures outlined by Fluke for proper, accurate calibration so we can guarantee 100% compliance to the published tolerances. Not suited for ISO-certified facilities, medical uses, or other applications that requires conformance auditing.
Calibration, Basic Non-Traceable $ 95.00  
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Diagnose & Quote

  • Power issues
  • Battery charging problems
  • Dark or faint display
  • Waveform unstable
Not sure what is wrong with your instrument? Give us a brief description of the problem and we'll check it out for you. Once we determine the cause of the trouble, we will send you a quote for repairs. The evaluation fee is waived if you decide to proceed with the repair. If your instrument cannot be repaired, we will return it at no charge under our "No-Fix, No-Pay" policy (minus return shipping costs).
Problem description: 
Diagnose & Quote $ 60.00  
Your Price $ 0.00

Expedited Service

  • Get fast, 1, 2, or 3-day turnaround on most services
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Return shipping costs are not included
Need your instrument back in a hurry? We offer 24, 48, and 72-hour turnaround options with a money-back guarantee. The clock starts ticking from the time we either receive your meter or your acceptance of an official quote, and it stops when it is boxed and ready for shipment. If more than the allotted has elapsed, we will refund the Expedited Service fee.

  • For instruments received on Friday after 12:00 p.m., the clock stops at 5:00 p.m. and resumes the next business day at 9:00 a.m. (Central Times).
  • For Diagnose & Quote scenairos, the clock starts when we receive your instrument and stops when we send you a quote for repairs. It resumes when we receive your acceptance of the quote.
  • If parts are required for any repair that are not in stock, the clock stops when the parts order is placed with the vendor and resumes when the parts are received and checked into inventory.
  • "Boxed and ready for shipment" means the instrument is ready for pick-up by the carrier. The carrier will be notified immediately of the shipment. If the carrier does not come or has already come that day, pick-up may not occur until the next business day.
  • Return shipping charges are not included in this option.
We highly recommend sending your instrument using a trackable shipping method. If possible, select a method that ensures delivery before noon. You should select a return shipping method during checkout; the default is "Best Way".
Expedited Service Option $ 120.00  
Your Price $
Replacement Parts

Fluke BP120 NiMH Battery Pack

  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • 4.8 Volt
  • 3 Amp Hour
The original Fluke BP120 NiMH battery pack for all 120 series Scopemeters and the 43/43B Power Quality Analyzers. Reliable and proven, these batteries provide an average of 5 hours of run time under normal use.

May be used with firmware versions 2.0 and above as the NiMH charging algorithm and battery type detection has been built in to the latest software revision.
Fluke BP120 NiMH Battery Pack $ 145.00  
Your Price $

Interstate BP120MH NiMH Battery Pack

  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • 4.8 Volt
  • 2.4 Amp Hour
Interstate's NiMH version of the popular Fluke BP120MH has a 20% average longer run time than the NiCd pack. Average use on a full charge is 5 hours under normal operating conditions. Thanks to Nickel Metal Hydride technology, the discharge curve is relatively flat compared to that of a traditional NiCd battery. This allows the 120MH to give all it has to the very end, providing the extra run time you need when you can't afford to be hindered by a dead battery.

For use with all 43/43B Power Quality Analyzers and 120-series Scopemeters running firmware version 2.0 and above.
Interstate BP120MH NiMH Battery Pack $ 55.00  
Your Price $

Interstate BP120 NiCd Battery Pack

  • Nickel Cadmium
  • 4.8 Volt
  • 2.2 Amp Hour
  • For firmware versions below 2.0
This Interstate version of the original Fluke BP120 NiCd battery pack is an excellent value for those who do not require the brand recognition of the OEM pack. These batteries meet or exceed the BP120 NiCd specifications. We have used them in our own instruments for years and recommend them without hesitation. Provides approximately 4 hours of run time under normal conditions.

The NiCd version may be used in all 43 & 120-series instruments. Firmware versions 2.0 and above may use the higher power NiMH battery pack.
Interstate BP120 NiCd Battery Pack $ 45.00  
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1 Available

Fluke 43 LCD Module

  • Monochrome 240x240 resolution
  • Crisp, bright CCFL backlight
  • Includes flat flex cable
  • Replacement for broken or leaky display modules
Replacement for irrepairable displays. This is the improved version of the original LCD module found in most 43-series Power Quality Analyzers manufactured before 2010. These displays are manufactured for Fluke specifically for the Power Quality Analyzer instrument; there is no other application in the world that uses these displays.

If your LCD is cracked, broken, or has "worms" (squiggly reddish-brown lines that are visible even with the instrument turned off), this is the only option for repairing your meter. LCD glass is manufactured, not assembled, and cannot be repaired.
43 LCD Module $ 695.00  
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Fluke 43/43B LCD Module, USED

  • Monochrome 240x240 resolution
  • CCFL backlight
  • Includes flat flex cable
An alternative to buying a brand new display at full price, we occasionally have good used LCDs available for purchase. All used LCDs we sell have our Display Line Repair applied to guarantee they will never develop the common horizontal line problem. Our standard warranty policy applies to used LCDs: 1 year full plus 2 additional years pro-rated. The Line Repair, however, is always lifetime guaranteed.
43/43B LCD Module, Grade A $ 495.00  
Your Price $ 475.00

Fluke Charger Cable

  • Fits all Scopemeter and Power Analyzer chargers
  • Genuine, original Fluke charger cable
A broken charger cable is a common problem on all Fluke Scopemeter and Power Quality Analyzer chargers. The plug end is proprietary to Fluke; you will not find it at any electronic parts supplier. Most often, the cable breaks internally near the strain relief due to normal handling and use.
Fluke Charger Cable $ 30.00  
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2 Available