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Fluke 724/725/726 Serial Calibration Cable

  • DB9 serial port to 10-pin IDC connector
  • Replaces the Fluke 1556747 cable
  • Designed and constructed in the USA by ScopemeterRepair.com
  • Lifetime warranty
A replacement for the original (and now discontinued) 1556747 calibration cable. This cable is necessary for performing calibrations on the 724, 725, and 726 Calibrators. We designed this product and construct it in-house using the same quality standards as our other OEM replacement parts. It is guaranteed to be equal or better than the cable it replaces.

This cable is required for calibrating the 724 and is compatible with the 725 and 726 as well. Serial control of the meters may also be performed using a PC. Lifetime warranty.
Fluke 72x Serial Calibration Cable
$ 145.00