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Terms & Conditions
Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions:

Website Content

Unless otherwise noted, all content on this website, including (but not limited to) graphics, photos, and textual content, is ©2014-2024 ScopemeterRepair.com LLC. No content may be copied, downloaded (other than that required for normal web browsing), or reproduced without our written permission. Any third-part company names referenced herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. ScopemeterRepair.com LLC does not authorize the use of any trade name, trademark, or logo referenced herein for any purpose whatsoever, including non-commercial applications.

"No-Fix, No-Pay"

ScopemeterRepair.com LLC shall render to the customer all services, products, and guarantees/warranties which they have purchased in a timely manner if the obligation is possible to fulfil. If a repair service is not possible to perform: (1) the customer shall be released from the service or evaluation fees directly related to the unrendered service(s); (2) any payment of the service(s) shall be refunded; (3) the instrument shall be returned as-is with the understanding that the service(s) have/has not been performed; (4) the customer shall be responsible for all costs related to returning the instrument, including (but not limited to) shipping charges and any fees or taxes imposed by the carrier or importing agency or government.


Display Horizontal Line Repair
An LCD repaired under our Display Horizontal Line Repair service is guaranteed against the reappearance of horizontal lines for the lifetime of the instrument or LCD, whichever is shortest. "Lifetime" of an instrument is defined as that time period before which an instrument requires repairs, services, or parts to restore it to a fully-functional state that exceeds the Fair Market Value of the instrument. "Lifetime" of the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) module is defined as that time before which the LCD ceases to display a proper image, including but not limited to, breakage of the glass, leakage of Liquid Crystal, or malfunction of driver chips.
All Other Repairs
Unless otherwise noted herein or on an official Quote, all other repairs are warranted against recurrence due to defective materials and workmanship for a period of 12 calendar months from the original date of service PLUS an additional 24 months pro-rated.
Example: if an instrument is repaired on January 1 and the exact problem for which it was repaired reoccurs before January 31 of the next year, ScopemeterRepair.com LLC will repair the problem again without a service charge. If the problem reoccurs in January two years after the initial repair, half of the pro-rated 24 months have expired so the customer is responsible for half of the new repair charges. The pro-rated portion is calculated as follows: the current cost of repair is divided by 24 then the result multiplied by the remaining warranty months. This becomes the total repair cost for which the customer is responsible.
Product Warranty
Unless otherwise noted herein or on an official Quote, all products, parts, and components sold by ScopemeterRepair.com LLC will carry the original manufacturer's warranty. ScopemeterRepair.com LLC does not warrant third-party items in-house nor provide any guarantee other than that which was delivered to us by the manufacturer.
All products manufactured by ScopemeterRepair.com LLC carry a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is limited to (1) only to the product itself (no other components are covered even if damaged by a malfunction of the product); and (2) normal operating conditions (excludes abuse, whether intentional or accidental, and abnormal or corrosive environments). "Lifetime" of a product is defined as that time during which the product performs in accordance with its published specifications under reasonable, normal, and intended conditions of use. If the product fails to perform according to such specifications and the cost of maintenance and/or repair to restore it to the specifications exceeds the current fair-market value of the product, it is deemed beyond its Lifetime.
Under no warranty claim shall ScopemeterRepair.com LLC be responsible for any shipping charges. Shipping to our shop and return shipping back to the customer shall be the responsibility of the customer.


All calibrations are guaranteed to be 100% within the tolerances published by the test equipment manufacturer for the period stated within the official specifications. For most instruments, this is usually 1 year from the calibration date. If an instrument calibrated by ScopemeterRepair.com LLC is found to be inaccurate within the specified valid calibration time period and the calibration seal has not been broken or tampered with, ScopemeterRepair.com LLC shall recalibrate the instrument at no charge to the customer. Shipping charges shall remain the responsibility of the customer.
All test equipment is checked for accuracy by an NIST-traceable source prior to being labeled as "Calibrated". Unless specified otherwise, all calibrations performed by ScopemeterRepair.com LLC are not traceable to NIST standards.
ScopemeterRepair.com LLC shall not be held liable for any damage, loss, or injury resulting from an inaccurate reading. It is the customer's responsibility to put safety first and ensure all precautions are observed.

Expedited Service Option

The clock starts when we receive your instrument and stops when it is boxed and ready to ship or when we send you a quote for repairs, in which case it resumes when we receive your acceptance of the quote. For instruments received on Friday after 12:00 p.m., the clock stops at 5:00 p.m. and resumes the next business day at 9:00 a.m. (Central Times). If parts are required for any repair that are not in stock, the clock stops when the parts order is placed with the vendor and resumes when the parts are received and checked into inventory.
"Boxed and ready to ship" means the instrument is ready for immediate pick-up by the carrier. The carrier will be notified promptly of the pending shipment. If the carrier does not come or has already come that day, pick-up may not occur until the next business day.
Return shipping charges are not included in this option. We highly recommend sending your instrument using a trackable shipping method. You should select a return shipping method during checkout; the default is "Best Way".


No return of a previously shipped item will be accepted unless prior authorization has been made. To request the return of a repaired instrument or a purchased product, please call our toll-free number or e-mail your request using the contact information on the Contact page. Clearly state the reason for the return and what action you desire us to take. If the return is approved, you will receive return shipping instructions for proper processing of your request. ScopemeterRepair.com LLC shall solely determine who is responsible for the return shipping cost.


Although diligent care has been taken to ensure all content herein is accurate, responsible, and up-to-date, ScopemeterRepair.com LLC provides no guarantee of the content. All content is provided AS-IS without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Technical, typographical, omissions, or any other type of error shall not constitute any commitment or promise by ScopemeterRepair.com LLC to fulfill the erroneous obligation.