Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy
Described below is how LLC collects, stores, and uses your personal information used on this website. If you do not agree with any of the points discussed, you are invited to terminate your browsing session and destroy any temporary files your web browser may have created for your browsing experience.


The security and protection of your personal information is very important to us. It is a privileged trust that we do not take lightly. The website uses 256-bit encryption to transmit any potentially private or personal information. To ensure that your connection during these times of transmission is secure, look for the phrase "https://" in the address bar and/or an icon of a lock or unbroken key (depending on your browser version) somewhere at the top or bottom of your browsing window. Access to our database is secured and accessible only by authorized personnel.


Cookies are small text files that are retained by your browser that contain certain data for your browsing experience. These cookies are necessary to carry data over from one page visit to the next. Cookies created by the website contain such information as Session ID, Instrument ID, checkout options (such as comments or shipping preferences) and so forth, but will never contain any sensitive or private information as it is neither secure nor necessary.


In order to place an order for products or services on our website, it is necessary to create an account with basic authentication and contact information. You may place an order without attaching any other information to your account, such as addresses or shipping account information. An account is required for checking the status of orders, responding to quotes, and paying invoices online.

Personal Information

Your personal information is private and belongs exclusively to you as an individual. We are honored that you would consider using our website and recognize that we become trusted caretakers of the confidential information you share with us. We will only securely transmit the minimum information necessary to our Merchant Service Provider for credit card processing if you pay with a credit card. Otherwise, we will never share, lease, sell, rent, trade, or in any other manner make any of your information known to any other party unless lawfully ordered to do so, in which case we will notify you immediately of the disclosure.
We do not permanently store any information that could be damaging to you if hacked or leaked. We will never ask for private numbers (ID, SSN, etc.) nor do we store credit card numbers in our database. The only information we retain is your name, address(es), e‑mail address, phone number(s), shipping account data (optional), and your order history with us.


We are people too, and hate junk mail just as much as you. We will never send you unsolicited e‑mails nor will we ever share your e‑mail address with any other party. We collect it from you only for the purpose of communicating with you as a customer. You will only receive e‑mails from us regarding your business with us.